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Write Natural and 'Human' Conversations To Connect With Your Customers

Conversational design shouldn't be left to your designers or developers - 'Chat' with a copywriter before you start building yours.

Chatbots can be really helpful and friendly and I can see the benefits of having one on your site. But be careful how and where they’re used. Don’t try to trick your customers into thinking they’re chatting with a real person because they'll know they’re not.

Chatbots are popping up everywhere so your customers probably already know they're not talking to a real person. And that's OK. So long as you’re providing something that your customers find useful, helpful and friendly so they find what they're looking for they'll be happy.

Write like you’re texting a friend

What is important to remember is that if you should write like you’re texting a friend. Each interaction can go in multiple ways so you have to think about how many ways one single conversation can go.

Below is a simple example of mapping out a conversation:

Conversations Design Flow Diagram
Conversation Design - Write like your texting a friend

Skilled in conversation design

Look for a copywriter who is skilled in conversation design. Someone who can help you write and map all possible conversations. They can then provide your developers with scripts that add value and help your customers find what they’re looking for when they chat with your Chatbot.

Everyone can write, right?

Some developers and designers will be able to help you write these scripts but remember this isn’t their core skill. Use them to design and develop the best Chatbot for your business but look to a copywriter to provide the conversational copy.

Involve your copywriter with the developers and designers on conversation design elements that will go into your chatbot. If you don’t you might be wasting your time and money creating the chatbot which confuses and irritates your customers.

Which, if you’re selling online, could result in lost revenue as frustrated customers leave your site without buying.

Your versatile Chatbot

Chatbots are incredibly versatile and can be used in many situations:

  • Customer service

  • Direct sales

  • Lead generation

  • Loyalty programs

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Conducting surveys

Get your conversation design right

Conversation design means building workflows – similar to autoresponder emails (also written by copywriters) – and mapping the conversation out keeping your buyer persona (ideal customer) in mind.

  • What would they ask?

  • How do they like to chat?

  • Would, or should you use emojis?

Dig deep with your sales and customer success teams to find the words and phrases your customers use. This is important if you want to increase sign-ups, leads, or sales. Using the right words to chat and connect with prospects and customers is key to a successful Chatbot.

Contact me if you want to chat, pun intended, about your Chatbot!

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