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Are You Building Your SaaS Business To Last?

The Parthenon is an impressive building that has 63 pillars, 46 outer and 19 inner, and has withstood earthquakes, fires, wars, explosions and looting; it was built to last. Constructed in the 5 century B.C., it was a symbol of power, wealth and the elevated culture of Athens. Today it is still one of the most recognized buildings in the world and an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece.

Picture of the Parthenon in Greece
Parthenon - Ancient Greece a magnificent marble temple built between 447 and 432 B.C.

Luckily the team at Proxi cut the list of pillars to the Top 10 in their Serious About SaaS Marketing Survey Report. They pulled together a marketing capability report bringing key findings and insights from a survey they conducted amongst 50 Kiwi SaaS businesses towards the end of 2020.

In it they identified and measured 10 key pillars:

  1. Customer Retention - How well you look after and nurture your customers

  2. Strategic Alignment - How aligned you think your current marketing activities are with your company strategy

  3. People, Systems And Process - Are the right people, systems and processes in place

  4. Marketing Metrics - Do you know your numbers (Customer acquisition, cost, lead conversion, churn, cash payback)

  5. Marketing Fundamentals - Purpose, vision, values, brand, customer definitions and journey

  6. Tech Stack - How you’d describe your marketing tech stack

  7. Customer Acquisition - How effective your customer acquisition engine is

  8. Marketing Channels - How mature your marketing channels are

  9. Product Marketing Practices - Includes value, proposition, product roadmap, competitive understand

  10. Website Effectiveness - How effective is your website

It’s a really good report and worth taking the time to read. It provides valuable insight into how Kiwi SaaS companies feel they measure against the pillars.

statistic - only 19% SaaS companies thought they have a strong website
Website Effectiveness - A Surprising Result!

What was most interesting for me was the 10th Pillar, Website Effectiveness, not only was it the last one on their list but it also came bottom of the pack with only 19% indicating they have a strong website. And not a single business rated itself a 6 (scaled 1-6, lowest-highest) against this key pillar!

For me, as well as the team at Proxi, this was a startling, and worrying, statistic. For any business, especially SaaS, your website would/should be equal, if not more important than your software.

It doesn't matter how amazing your software is, if no one can find it, or understand what it does, why are you building it?


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