I write emails, newsletters, web pages with search engine optimisation (SEO), landing pages, blog posts, case studies mainly for the software, technology, health and wellness industries.

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Web Content & SEO - Say What About Google?

I write entire websites, from your homepage to the services page, landing pages, pillar pages and your contact page.

Each page will be crafted to contain high-quality content that shows expertise, authority, and trust (EAT) that your visitors, and Google, expect. Your content will educate, add value, and encourage them to take the next step. 


By having effective SEO and Sales-Conversion copy throughout your site you will drive traffic, convert visitors and ultimately increase sales.

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Email - Boost your Open and Click-through rates driving traffic to your website and landing pages.

Email continues to be an effective way for you to generate leads. To build and deepen relationships with prospects and customers. I write well-crafted emails that engage, educate, persuade, and move your prospect to action.

Each email is personalised, conversational, and should offer value to your readers but without a strong subject-line, they'll never be opened!

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Newsletters - Keep delivering value

Your newsletters build and strengthen your relationship with your prospect, customer, or employee. Providing them with industry news, helpful tips and special offers. Personalisation is key. Write as if you're sending to only one person, even if it's going out to hundreds of prospects. 


I will write, and curate your newsletter on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. It will be crafted to add value, be informational, and position you as the thought leader, or expert in your field.

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Case Studies - Customer Success Stories

Case Studies turn your satisfied customers into your most powerful sales and marketing tool.


I write Customer Success Stories that showcase how you've solved business challenges for your clients. If written well they make you the authority in your industry and persuade your prospects to shortlist you as the solution to their problem or challenge.