Briefing Worksheet

The more I know about your business, service or product, and target audience the more effectively I can write copy that gets results. Below you can find a link to download the PDF version. Please complete all questions, typing your answers directly into this document. 


If the answers can be found elsewhere (i.e. your website, a PowerPoint presentation, a creative brief etc) there’s no need to repeat them. Simply note where I can find that information and I’ll find it. 

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  1. What exactly needs to be written? (Website? Series of emails? Newsletter or Landing Pages?)

  2. What goals are you hoping to accomplish with this project? (Generate leads? Generate sales? Increase User engagement?)

  3. Who is the target audience? (Provide as many insights as possible, if you have a Buyer Persona or similar document, please attach it.)

  4. Will this project feature a special offer of some kind, such as a free white paper, case study or discount? If so, please provide as many details as possible.

  5. What is the product or service featured in this project?

  6. What is the “in a nutshell” description of your product or service? (Just a sentence or two, or a few brief bullets.)

  7. What problem does the target audience have that your product or service solves? (A “problem” could also be a need, goal, objective, requirement, interest or desire.)

  8. What are the key features of your product or service? (Highlight those features most likely to pique a prospect’s interest.)

  9. Who is the competition?

  10. How is your product/service different and, or better than the competition?

  11. What evidence is available to convince prospects that this is a great product or offer? (Testimonials, awards, statistics, etc.)

  12. What else do I need to know about your product or target audience that will help me write a motivating marketing piece?

  13. If I have further questions about your product, service or target audience, who is the best person to contact?

  14. What’s your deadline? 

  15. Anything else you want to tell me, or think is relevant?

Download the PDF